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Design & Build Contractor based in South Metro Manila

House Design based on your requirement and budget

 Completed project based on promised specification, cost and timetable

 Full service from House Design - Permit acquisition - Construction & Turn-over

 Experienced in constructing inside major subdivisions in and around Metro Manila


Architecture and Engineering Design

Our Team of Architects & Designers can translate your ideas & vision into plans and specifications that conforms to latest building codes. Our architectural services also extends to contract administration to ensure that construction is done as designed.

SC Residence

Design & Build Service

As the best performing delivery system for schedule and cost, Our designers and builders collaborate from the beginning to provide a unified project recommendation to fit the client's schedule and budget requirement


Hire us as a General Contractor

our team of engineers and skilled workers can execute construction projects with a goal to ensure that desired quality is attained, schedule is monitored and project is done within the set budget.


We have heard a-lot of disaster stories from families dealing with a bad contractor.

Delayed Construction

Over Billing

false claim on completed projects

installing sub-standard materials

High Change Order Claims

Not answering calls

high downpayment

poor workmanship

unpaid workers

Abandoned Project


Wasted Money on Poor Work

Cannot move-in to the house

Rising interest on Housing Loans

Stress from ending rent contracts

Finding another contractor to finish the project

Bonds cannot be claimed

These can be avoided.

We understand that building a home is a life changing investment.

Workbench Construction has solid experience in delivering houses.  our team is composed of talented, honest, responsive and Hardworking members taking care of the construction 
To complement the construction team are systems to ensure that most parts of the building process are taken care of.
Thorough pre-construction review
One of the biggest mistakes many first time home builders make is not putting enough work in upfront to determine what it will take to make your home a reality. Our process ensures your project goes according to schedule and exceeds your expectations
Regular review and update of schedule
Failing to plan is planning to fail, constructions projects take longer than they should because not enough attention was put into the timeline and scheduling of work activities. In our group, even though some of the finishing touches may be going in months from now, we’re already thinking about it to make sure there aren’t anysurprises that slow down the project.
Pro-Active Client update
Our team is trained to proactively communicate with clients so they know exactly what’s going on with their project. 

Take the steps in Building your Home

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Step 1

Consult with Us

Contact us and we can start to make the designs, Costings, and construction program in preparation to building.

Step 2

Let us take care of the Construction

Our team will build your house with a high level of professionalism, constant client updates and close coordination with the client

Step 3

Enjoy Living in your new home

Move in to your newly constructed home and enjoy the new lifestyle and comfort that your deserve

The Company's mission is to build spaces that accurately reflect the ideas and requirements of our clients and to construct houses that maximize the potential of the property within the client’s budget.

We also aim to build strong, trusted relationships with our clients by giving honest, professional, and creative advice as well as efficient design and budget-conscious construction solutions.


Our Company Mission.


Subdivisions we worked on

Free Estimate

House Construction Estimate


We aim to understand your needs! 

Please fill up the form below as your first step to building your home.



We would like to hear from you! 


For any inquiries about our services kindly fill out the contact form provided. Our company representative will answer your questions in the soonest possible time.

Office Address:

#57 Presidents Avenue

BF Homes Paranaque City


Tel:       +632-82987619

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